Name Unknown (Real name is Cereza in Bayonetta)
Alias(es) Lady in Black
Number 115
Age 500+
Weight 4.67uww (Magical Unit of Measurement)
Size 11.951uwh (Magical Unit of Measurement)
Hobby Beauty care
Gender Female
Alignment Unknown
Origin Vigrid
Assignment -
Relative(s) Balder (father)

Rosa (mother)
Jeanne (friend)
Rodin (associate)

Occupation Nun, Superhero
Weapon Scarborough Fair
Voice Actor English:Helenna Taylor

Japanese:Atsuko Tanaka

Bayonetta is a titular character from Bayonetta, and is a secret crossover in The Wonderful 101.

The Wonderful 101Edit

Along with Jeanne and Rodin, Bayonetta is known as a secret playable character, Wonder-Bayonetta. To unlock this character, you need to complete every achievement.


When you play as Wonder-Bayonetta, she basically summons Unite Gun, but with a red color scheme. If increasing the size of her Unite Gun, her quantity of Scarborough Fair is shown (there are four guns that she is wielding. Bayonetta fights with her weapons on her heels and rarely her hands, only in her Unite Big form.


Among the last of the Umbra Witches, a tribe of witches who were destroyed 500 years ago. Bayonetta is a master of Bullet Arts, a mixture of gun and blunt-weapon attacks first developed by the Umbra hundreds of years ago. She prefers a trigger-happy fighting style, attaching her prized Scarborough Fair guns on both hands and feet.

Bayonetta is also an expert in the dark, magical arts, via which she performs her powerful Wicked Weave attacks by channeling into the depths of Inferno and using her hair as a catalyst to summon the incredibly powerful demoness Madama Butterfly. These powers are said to bring terror to the angels of Paradiso; however, as the opponents for this mission aren’t angels, Bayonetta’s demon pact against the angels is inconsequential, and her power to summon demons remains at rest.

Generally uninterested in the conflicts and conflagrations of others, Bayonetta is, however, prone to sticking her head into other people’s trouble. Hearing that this crisis was some end-of-the-world-level event, she knew right away that she had to get some of the GEATHJERK invasion action.


  • Bayonetta is also the titular game character in the Bayonetta series.


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