Name Alex De Laurentis
Alias(es) Rub a Dub
Number 030
Age 28
Weight 43kg
Size 166cm
Hobby Unknown
Gender Female
Origin Italy
Assignment Syracuse
Relative(s) Unknown
Occupation Beauty Therapist
Weapon Exfoliator Knuckles
Voice Actor Unknown

Wonder-Bath is a minor Wonderful One and fist weapon user. She is available from the beginning and is one of the three minor members (along with Wonder-Toilet and Wonder-Tennis) who will join the team in Operation 007 if the player has not unlocked any secret characters.

Background Edit

A silken-skinned hero of the bathtub. Hater of dirt and sweat, she is dedicated to bathing friend and foe alike. More than a few enemies are known to be fans of her spectacularly relaxing back-scrub technique.

Appearance Edit

She has a bath tub atop her head worn like a hood with a hole for her face to be revealed, though with shower curtains that hide any sign of hair. She also wears a white dress with a single black stripe down the front and her Wonder Pendant embedded in it. Like several female Wonderful Ones, the dress is short enough to give frequent "male gazes" at her black panties even when standing still. When unmasked, her hair is revealed to be cerulean in color.