Vaaiki is a bioweapon owned by GEATHJERK, created by Wanna, and engineered by its first class officer Gimme. It is first encountered during Operation 007, inside Prince Vorkken.


A parasitic bioweapon made by Wanna. Gimme states that it is his personal favorite, and will "liquify and explode" Vorkken's viscera, giving him an agonizing death.

Once sent into the host’s body, the host will fall into a near-death state and sleep endlessly. When given a certain shock signal, the parasite immediately becomes active, destroying the host’s immune system at an alarming speed. Though it is only 10 nanometres in height, the same as a virus, it has an arthropod-like body and high intelligence.

Impervious to all poisons on Earth, it can only be expelled from the body by sending attack-type namomachines into the host. However, its ability to swim through bodily fluids, the attack power of its two enlarged front legs, and the hardened tissue it can fire like bullets from its body, far overpower normal attack nanomachines, making a Vaaiki infection virtually impossible to cure.

Furthermore, to prevent the fear of counter-infection, it has been genetically engineered to be infertile. After killing its host, the parasite’s mission is fulfilled, and it dies along with its victim.

The engineering process for Vaaiki was a long process of trial and error that produced various by-products, from tank-sized giant organisms to battleship-sized super-giant organisms. In fact, some of these by-products have even entered real battlefield testing.