Name Hayato
Alias(es) Go For It!
Number 111
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Size Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Gender Male
Alignment Unknown
Origin Unknown
Assignment -
Relative(s) Akane (Relation Unknown)
Occupation Unknown, Superhero
Weapon Brave Knuckle
Voice Actor Charlie Schlatter

A hidden character to unlock. References Viewtiful Joe. He is a user of the Unite Hand.


A mysterious hero from parts unknown.

Appears with style suddenly from nowhere, sometimes to assist the Wonderful 100, sometimes to fight the invaders alone. After saving the day, he disappears as quickly as he came. Wearing a crimson battle suit, and fighting while making stylish poses, the masked warrior has unofficially earned the nickname "Poseman." Despite this nickname, why he fights and his true identity, are both still unknown. After deep-cover CENTINELS intelligence agents researched his background, they were only able to find that his name is Hayato, he's looking for someone named Akane, and he's probably not an enemy of mankind.

Having combat capabilities equal to those of a Wonderful One, "Poseman" has been acknowledged by the Wonderful 100 for his ability to take care of large numbers of the invaders.


  • In the original Viewtiful Joe Wallpaper, the name "POSEMAN" could be seen sideways in the background.
  • His taunt of "Let's Rock" is the same as Dante from the Devil May Cry series.
  • Poseman's banner says "Go for it!" which is a reference to the line in Viewtiful Joe "Just go for it!" before each combat sequence.
  • Unmasked, he seems to be a reference to the original Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo.