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Ohdarko was a Geathjerk mecha seen in The Wonderful 101. It served as the personal flagship of Vijounne, which she used against CENTINEL in their encounters.


Described as a "Tentacules-Class Amphibious Mobile Fortress", Ohdarko first appears in Operation 004-C as part of Vijounne's attempt to destroy one of the Super Reactors providing the shield protecting the Earth from the Geathjerk's assault. It engaged the Virgin Victory in a tug-of-war for the statue, only to lose both when the Wonderful 100 damaged the tentacles it was using to hold the statue.

Quickly pursuing the fleeing humans, Ohdarko caught up to the Virgin Victory on the surface of the ocean, seizing the ship with its tentacles and engaging the Wonderful 100 with its full arsenal. However, the heroes managed to destroy the machine's tentacles, freeing their vessel and allowing them to retrieve Luka from within. Undeterred, Vijounne brought the Ohdarko back for another attack, but the Wonderful Ones jumped onto it, slowly destroying its remaining weapons and limbs before Wonder-Blue finished it off with his Unite Sword ability. Vijounne narrowly escaped her mecha's destruction, vowing revenge on CENTINEL.

A second Ohdarko appeared in the first two chapters of Operation 006, attempting to hinder the Wonderful 100 when they arrived on Gocken Island in search of the final Super Reactor. This version of the Ohdarko was colored blue as opposed to the orginal red machine. It destroyed several paths with its tentacles as Vijounne taunted the heroes before retreating underwater to lure Wonder-Blue into a trap. It eventually battled the Virgin Victory, only to be destroyed by Wonder-Blue and Immorta's customized Gah-Goojin. This time, Vijounne was unable to escape her mecha's destruction, perishing with the second Ohdarko.

Ohdarko was part of the Giga-Goojin's boss battle as it drags Mother Platinum into the water.


  • Ohdarko was based on the legendary sea creature, Kraken.
  • Its name sounds similar to "Oodako", a minor octopus kaiju from Frankenstein Conquers the World.