James Shirogane

Name James Shirogane (?)
Alias(es) Wonder-Gramps, Eccentric Scientist, Jimmy, Geezer
Number 108
Age 62
Weight 69kg
Size 155cm
Hobby {{{hobby}}}
Gender Male
Origin Japan
Assignment CENTINELS
Relative(s) Unknown
Occupation Chief of the CENTINELS Central Science Research Center, Chief of Science Research, Research Professor, Wonderful One
Weapon Time Bomb
Voice Actor English: Fred Tatasciore

Japanese: Kenichi Ogata

James Shirogane was one of the main characters in The Wonderful 101. He was a member of the CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service and the chief of the CENTINELS Central Science Research Center.

Personality and traitsEdit

James contributed much to strategic defense aspects of the CENTINELS organization through his research in electrical engineering and applied action potential mechatronics including contributing to the development of a central “mother computer” known as Mother Platinum, the development of the power enhanced CENTINEL-Suits and designing the flying warship called the Virgin Victory.

From his days as a research assistant, Shirogane distinguished himself with proposed applications of his new theoretical energy source, the Shirogane Drive. His success continued as after two Earth Defense Wars, he finally succeeded in finishing a third generation CENTINEL-Suit made from high density bio-metal fiber.

The prime example of someone whose hobby became his work, Shirogane spent his days shut-in his laboratory researching new technology. He had not abandoned his hobby entirely though as Shirogane also created several peculiar inventions that had nothing to do with his work with the CENTINELS.

Among the team, his down home southern hospitality earned him the affectionate nickname, “Jimmy”.

As a brilliant scientist, he was treated as a living legend by everyone within CENTINELS, with the exception of the insolent Wonder-Green who preferred calling him “geezer.” He was around since the start of the war 40 years ago and he was still developing new technology to fend the GEATHJERK off. His expertise was sure to be of the utmost importance during the current battle as well.


  • Shirogane was neutrally shown that his hair formed into a question mark. Onto his excitement, his hair shifted into an exclamation mark.
  • James' surname, Shirogane, literally translates as "white coin", but is primarily translates to "platinum"; this keys a striking connection to Platinum Games.