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Hah-Gonay is a type of enemy in The Wonderful 101. It is a Space Beast under the control of the Geathjerk Federation, resembling a saurian dragon with black metal "skin" and twisted purple musculature beneath its armor.

Despite its heavily armored skin, the Hah-Gonay is capable of swift flight and decent ground agility, able to defend itself with its huge tail and powerful fire breath. The most remarkable feature of the creature is its defensive stance, where it folds its wings in front of its head, forming a near-impervious shield that protects most of its body. In this state, the Hah-Gonay can slam its wings against each other to blow its foes away, swing its tail to deter enemies behind it, or produce dozens of large spikes on its wings, which double as homing missiles.

The easiest way to beat a Hah-Gonay is carefully anticipate and dodge its attacks before striking back with quick, powerful Unite Morphs. When it takes its defensive stance, Unite Claw can pry its wings apart, leaving it stunned and vulnerable to attack. In addition, its tail remains exposed while it blocks, and its slam attacks are vulnerable to being countered with Unite Guts.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hah-Gonay resembles a medieval dragon - ironically, with its armor, it could be considered to be a "knight" as well.
  • Its name resembles a corruption of the word "agony".