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Gedie Dough-Goos are armoured robotic commandos of the Geathjerk and are a stronger variation of the Diedough-Goo with a spiky armor and drills instead of hands, making the Unite Guts useless against their punches and causing all Unite Morphs except Unite Whip to break apart on contact.


The attacks of the Gedie Dough-Goo are basically the same as the Diedough-Goo's: It can shoot fire or bullets, give kicks, strike the land with their drills, jump high in the air and fall drills ahead, catch some Wonderful Ones and throw them back on the player, or attack madly when following him or her. However, it also has an attack that the Diedough-Goo doesn't- it curls up into a ball and tries to roll over the player.


The Unite Whip is able to remove pieces of its armour. There is one piece on each of its legs and arms, one in the back, one on the head and one on the front. Taking the front piece also removes all the others. When all its armor is removed, it can be fought like an ordinary Diedough-Goo. The kicks and the bullets can be blocked with the Unite Guts.