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Gatcha are GEATHJERK prisoner transportation devices that can be destroyed by turning the big gear in the front with a Unite Hand. It will release the prisoners one by one, but they are usually protected by some Dough-Goos. Some Gatcha contain Wonderful 100 Members as well as civilians.

They are inspired by the Gatchapon, a Japanese kind of toy distributors.


A ship designed to transport prisoners captured in enemy territory.

As an unmanned, remote-controlled craft designed strictly for transport, it possesses no offensive capabilities and low maneuverability. As the GEATHJERK invade other planets with the intent to slaughter, not capture, this ship's creators did not place a high priority on ensuring it could make the trip back home. The containment area is made with transparent glass, to better humiliate its cargo. When the GEATHJERK are feeling particularly ruthless, they will bring these ships, full of prisoners, to enemy territory and use them as living shields. This ruthlessness terrifies their prisoners and horrifies their enemies.