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The Dough-Goo are infantry soldiers of the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada. They attack in groups and always have their much larger superior officer, Chew Dough-Goo, present. Outside of the Chew Dough-Goo, the Dough-Goo are roughly human size, but are still quite the threat, preferring to attack head-on or from behind. Along with physical attacks, they also possess Assault Rifles that they can shoot at the Wonderful Ones.

If trapped in a Wonder Circle when they're about to explode and trails of light come out of them, both the Dough-Goo and the Chew Dough-Goo can be temporarily recruited into the Wonderful Ones.


A common GEATHJERK foot soldier.

The name "Dough-Goo" comes from a battle exoskeleton originally created to enhance the abilities of the infantry while standardising their appearance across their many varied species. Eventually, the name came to refer to both the foot soldiers that wore the suit as well as the suit itself.

The inside of the suit is filled with an amniotic fluid-like substance known as "GEATH-Solution". Once soldiers are sealed inside, their bodies are disassembled at the quantum level and merge seamlessly with the solution (a process known as the "Melt-In Cockpit"). Liquidising soliders' bodies reduces damage from external impacts and speeds up the response of their nervous systems, dramatically enhancing their fighting abilities.

There are a number of Dough-Goo variations optimised for specific environments. The "Dough-Goo Q" is the one most widely used in the invasion of Earth.


The Dough-Goo are the weakest enemies in the game, but their small size can often make it time consuming to defeat all of them in time for a Pure Platinum medal. When they appear, try to take all of them out as quickly as possible, and focus on using the larger enemies for building up combo points. When groups of Dough-Goo are split apart, consider using Team Attack to lock onto a Dough-Goo so that you can immediately jump towards one from any distance and attack when the Unite Attack button is pressed, allowing you to shave seconds off of your time. Unite Gun is also a good weapon to use in this situation, given that your aim is good enough to take them out quickly.


  • The appearance and name of Dough-Goo are inspired by the Japanese dogū.