"Created in secret by the United Nations, the Planetary Secret Service known as the CENTINELS was dedicated to defending Earth from alien invasion. Among them are 100 souls from 100 cities around the world donned a powerful exoskeleton known as a CENTINEL-Suit, taking their place as the secret combat agents known as Wonderful Ones. Once they completed the most stringent training exercises, passed the toughest exams, been certified as physically fit and approved as mentally sound, only the elite are chosen to enter as Earth's frontline defenses. From valor in battle to secret intelligence gathering, they undertook each mission with the utmost skill while concealing their identities as most classified. Their faces are forever masked. Their tombs are forever unknown. They are proud to go down in history as simply one in a hundred. They are the most wonderful defenders of our world: The Wonderful 100."
―Narrator in Mission 000: Prologue

The CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service, created secretly by the United Nations had branches all over the world where the carefully-selected individuals are trained into superheroes and dispatched on missions at a constant rate. Their goals are the annihilation of the GEATHJERK forces remaining on Earth and the preservation of public safety. They are also always researching and developing new weapons to prepare for the next invasion while devising fresh defense strategies. Above all else, they focused their daily attention on the maintenance and improvement of the “CENTINEL-Suits” that the Wonderful Ones wore.


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