"Ulitising the Psychic Switches on their Wonder-Pendants, the Special Combat Agents of the Wonderful 100 donned their CENTINEL-Suits in a mere 3 billionths of a second! These powered exoskeletons' ultra-dense bio-metallic fibres granted super strength, transforming mere mortals into invincible defenders of justice!"
―Narrator, in Prologue and Epilogue
"Wonder-Eyes, (alter ego [minus Wonder-])!"
―a Wonderful One, transformation

CENTINEL-Suits are special battle suits worn by the Wonderful Ones.

When they transform, they changed into a reinforced outfit called a “CENTINEL-Suit.” This suit was developed at the CENTINELS Central Science Laboratory. 40 years of warfare with the invaders brought one improvement after another to this suit and it continued to evolve even now.

The suit that was currently in use was the 3rd Generation model which sported the “Unlimited Form,” a special armed form that allowed the wearer to temporarily remove the limiter in cases of emergency. As a special battle garment, it only took "three billionths of a second", stated by Laurence Nelson to transform into the CENTINEL-Suit.


Unite MorphEdit

Unite Morph allowed you to materialize certain objects by combining your teammates. The object data required to unite was recorded in each suit. The more members that joined to your aid, the bigger that the object would be. The basis of the Unite Morphs lied in formation.

In gameplay, drawing various shapes would create different types of Morphs that you could use to create weapons or bridges and other useful tools. Such as a Glider, Bridge and ladder. Creating Bridges and Ladders was known as the "Wonder-Liner". By using the Wonder-Liner, it allowed you to form your team into a straight line and it's primary use was to overcome obstacles. It also had a secondary use such as finding secret areas. Sending a Wonder-Liner into a Wonder-Toilet would unlock a special item, but only if enough are sent which would be signified by the top bursting open and a sound would be heard.

There are, however limitations to both the CENTINELS- Suits and the Unite Morphs. Once the wearer of the CENITNEL- Suit came close to a full impact with his or her body toward an enemy, his or her CENITNEL- Suit may automatically disappear or become damaged. This went to the example of the Unite Gun. This also came with the combat against enemies or obstacles with different types of fighting mechanics (e.g., spikes, faster speed) where several of the Unite Morphs are not effective.

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