Alice MacGregor
Arisu Makuregā


Wonder Scarf


Name Alice MacGregor (アリス・マクレガー Arisu Makuregā?)
Alias(es) Main operator to the Virgin Victory, Wonder-Scarf, Cool, Calm, and Collected (Wonder-Scarf)
Number 107
Age 28
Weight 47kg
Size 169cm
Hobby Tea, collecting stuffed animals
Gender Female
Origin England
Assignment CENTINELS
Relative(s) Unknown
Occupation Operator, Pilot
Weapon Wonderful Whip
Voice Actor English: Laura Bailey

Japanese: Tomo Muranaka

Alice MacGregor was one of the main characters in The Wonderful 101. She was a member of the CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service and the main operator of the Virgin Victory.

Alice was known as a secret, playable character, Wonder-Scarf.

Personality and traitsEdit

Alice was the main operator to the CENTINELS’ state of the art warship, Virgin Victory. Level-headed, cool and collected, Alice gained Nelson’s complete trust with her fast decision making skills and ability to act on her feet in the most pressing of situations.

Talented in ship controls and cannon warfare, the daring maneuvers that Alice took to save the ship from crisis often left the rest of the team speechless. Alice worked in a matter-of-fact style and her expressionless manner was often mistaken by the other members of the team as being cold. In actuality, she was trying the best that she could to show emotion. But up until this point, no one was able to grasp this fact.

Her hobby was collecting different types of tea. Well read in different flavors, new and old, from around the globe, Nelson was always impressed by her eye for making the right cup. Secretly, she also collected stuffed animals.

She never said more than it was absolutely required and her expression never revealed her true emotions which had the unfortunate side-effect of making her look hard to approach to the others. On the other hand, it was said that she had quite a few secret admirers among the CENTINELS.


  • Failing some QTEs will have Alice--who is watching The Wonderful 100's progress via a monitor--turn and stare at the player, while a small sprinkle of snowflakes float in front of her. This running gag can be seen by either Chewgi's Unify Naginata or Prince Vorkken's Unify Boomerang. This is used one more time if the player fails to use Unite Ultra Platinum.
    • The miniscule shower of snowflakes hint Alice's secret playable persona, Wonder-Scarf, and her ability to manipulate ice with her Unite Whip.
    • So far, she was one of the few secret playable characters to have an element. Laurence Nelson (Wonder-Red Emeritus/Wonder-Captain) and Arthur Wedgewood (Wonder-Daddy) are the manipulators of fire.
  • Alice shares similarities with Sprocket from the Viewtiful Joe anime. She even serves a similar role, acting as the coordinator below Commander Nelson as Sprocket was to Captain Blue.


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